Here in Reno, Nevada we are always looking for a winner. Within minutes of world class skiing in the winter and outdoor activities like hiking and golf in the summer, the main draw to the region is our gaming. A mere one hour flight from Los Angeles and even shorter from the San Francisco Bay area or our in-state rival, Las Vegas, getting to Reno is a breeze. If you want to fly in on a private jet  - that will get our attention with some high roller behavior. You can fly in to the Reno airport or land at more tricky FBOs like Truckee Airport.


Once in Reno, expect to receive the red carpet treatment from the minute you land. What defines a high roller in Las Vegas at a premium casino there is a much different standard here in Reno. We are far more welcoming and friendly. The RFB (room, food and beverage) flows much more freely. Room comps, including for suites, are far easier to attain with both less time played and lower overall per-bet rankings. Our pit bosses are more friendly than in our sister city to the south yet our amenities are increasingly good. Fine dining, spa, pool (in the summer) activities only start the offerings. Simply put: you can get more goodies gaming in Reno than in Las Vegas, any local Indian reservation casino or beyond. Reno is a value and luxury leader.


One of the biggest draws in Reno for the enthusiast gambler is our sports books. Gambling on sports is a key draw for vacationers coming to Reno and Tahoe. Football is always a draw but there is so much more to bet on and the odds in Reno can be more favorable than the larger, Las Vegas sports books. Smart gamblers know to check the Reno odds first. One of our best, new groups of gamblers be it from Southern California or Silicon Valley is the Daily Fantasy Sports or DFS player. He or she – and there are quite a few “she’s” who play daily fantasy sports – crossover really well. They are always down to enjoy the volumes of amenities but might also lay some action on DFS Football, DFS PGA Tour, DFS MLB, DFS NBA Basketball, DFS NASCAR and many other e-sports topics.

No matter what type of player that you are – Reno, Nevada has your action. We will welcome you with open arms and root for you to win while making sure you have a blast no matter what. Visit Reno soon!